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November 2011


I need a dollar, dollar. . .

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Upon arrival I was waiting for the whole 'wow, I'm in Australia' feeling. . . but, surprisingly, in never arrived. Driving from the airport I get my first glimpse of Sydney, and (as far as first impressions go) I must admit I was a little dissapointed. I was expecting to be mesmorised by amazing buildings, sun-covered streets and stylish people - but what I was met with was more of a cleaner, more modernised version of London.

Don't get me wrong - Sydney is amazing. When seeing the Sydney Opera House for the first time, it takes your breath away. The Sydney Bridge too is a spectacular sight and Bondi Beach is beautiful. But after the sights have been seen and the city explored, you are left with a city that doesn't have much to offer.

The Botanical Gardens have to be my favorite thing to do in Sydney. They are like no park or gardens anywhere in the UK and present a very different idea of wildlife. Both the birds and plants are exotic and exciting - captivating in their difference. The colours and sights are well worth the trip!

The biggest dissapointment in Australia is the prices - I constantly felt like I was being conned! When you are paying over $10 for a simple sandwich it begins to drain on you. Granted, the wages in Australia are very genorous, but - for a tourist with a limited budget - I'd recommend getting out of Sydney as soon as you've seen the sights.


I was surprised at how different Melbourne was in comparison to Sydney. The atmosphere and general vibe of the place overtakes you the minute you arrive, and you cannot help but enjoy it. The best word I can come up with to describe Melbourne would be 'funky'. Its a funky little place.

Again, once the sights are done you are just left with an average city, but this time you can enjoy it that little bit longer. One thing to do (which a lot of people don't know about) is to wait till dusk when the cafes and corner shops shut. Once they do a whole new world and vibe is introduced. The famous and amazing graffitti that is hidden around Melbourne is a lot easier to find this way. A definate recommendation.

The Eureka buidinf is also worth the visit - although if you are scared of heights please be warned! It is eighty-eight floors high (taking only a mere 28seconds to get from bottom to the top in the lift) and very, very high off the ground. The view from the top is wonderful though and, if you are feeling brave, there is always the Edge Experience - a glass box the emerges outwards so you can see all around, including down. Very scary but again, worth the view.

Generally, Australia is one of those places that everyone dreams of going to - but, personally, the word overated springs to mind. Whereas it does have a lot more sun and some amazing beaches, the cost of living there does bring a downer on the whole adventure. Great for those who are wanting to live there - but not so great for the regular traveller. For those of you interested in visiting, get saving - You have been warned.

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Tombstone, Arizona

Living in the Past. . .

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Tombstone is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States. Life in the 1800's was tough and this town thrives because the residents in 2011 are just as tough as the pioneers over 100 years ago. Tombstone is a fun town and the effort residents have made to keep it as authentic as possible goes a long way.

The main 3/4 blocks of the town are cut of from traffic, so a stroll down the middle of the street is easy and educational (there are placards with historical information dotted everywhere). The minute you step on it you feel like you have been transported to the 1880's, with characters dressed as Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and ladies of the night are commonly seen talking with drivers of the old stage coaches and a re-enactment of the famous gun-fight at the O.K Corral breaking out daily.

There is a lot of history to the town, more than just the expected gun-fight. The old Court House is full of facts and interesting objects, such as the gallows out back. Although the town is living in the past, they are making a living out of it - so enjoy it, it is a tourist trap now and, after all, you are a tourist!

The biggest highlight for myself personally was the fact that, yes, people (or should I say 'cowboys') DO ride their horses to the local pub. Amazing.

Is it a bit cheesy and touristy? Yes, of course, but that's just part of the charm. Be prepared for lots of dust, cigarette,pipe smoke and knowledge.

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