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October 2011


Vegas baby. . .

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Driving along the freeway, you can see the strip a few miles off, and that's when the excitement started.

Driving along the strip is amazing - spotting the world famous hotels and shops, the excitement just builds and builds.

Then you hit the strip at night, and its on a whole other level. The place is transformed, lights and music and smells taking over and transforming you, making you feel like ANYTHING is possible.

They sure know what they are doing there - my friend and I entered Caesar's Palace purely for the toilet, but after spending forty-five minutes in there trying to find a way out, we eventually gave up and stayed t\in there for the night. Not a single place - not the clubs nor casinos- have clocks, so time becomes completely irrelevant and you could spend days in one casino without knowing.

Being a girl sure has its benefits, remember this when in Vegas. After paying $9 a drink the first night we were kicking ourselves the second night when, with a bit of cheekiness, we ended up in our own VIP table with free drinks all night. Another amazing night was had - this time for free :)

Basically Vegas can be summed up by saying its is, on the whole, unique, amazing and utterly mesmerizing. If you get the opportunity to go, you'd be a complete fool to turn it down.

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Arrived in the US of A

You sure have to travel to travel...

32 °C
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After a seriously long day of sitting next to strangers, a numb bum and cheap airplane food I finally made it to America. And what was I greeting with - rain. Seems us Welsh folk cannot escape it! Despite the rain-pour the air was warm and the atmosphere was amazing.

The sun has made an appearance since and the mission to be brown is underway :)

Missing people from home - more than expected! But life's too short and all that, so onwards and upwards I go. . .

Next stop = VEGAS!

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